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Summary: This most timely survey analyzes sales compensation for the annuity wholesaler position relative to size of the sales group and by financial intermediary distribution channels. The report is designed to provide the analysis needed to gauge your company's wholesaler pay levels against industry peers. It is not a replacement to our Annual Sales Compensation Survey, but rather a supplemental source of information that benchmarks the relationship of compensation relative to distribution channel and wholesaler group scale.

We had three primary goals in completing this survey. First, we wanted to collect the most timely compensation data. Second, we wanted to measure the size of the sales force. And third, we wanted to evaluate the size of the sales force and compensation relative to distribution channels. We believe that this report achieves its goals by providing reliable sales force and compensation benchmarks for the wholesaler position.

Profile of Respondents
The survey, designed as a national field and telephone survey, is administered during January and February of the current year. In general, survey respondents consist of Wholesalers, Divisional and National Sales Managers. Multiple participants within the same company are directly contacted in order to verify responses to survey questions. Participants are asked to provide total compensation information for (base compensation plus incentive commission and/or bonus) including the earnings of top, average and low performing Wholesalers. The deliberate nature of this methodology, combined with the number of respondents, ensures that the research results are highly reliable.

Sales Force Size and Compensation Levels
This report includes data specific to the Wholesaler position. Compensation data is calculated to provide benchmark pay levels — Average, Median, 25th Percentile and 75th Percentile. In addition, data is further segmented in comparison to size of the sales force and by distribution channel.

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