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Summary: The information in the report is assembled and organized from our Annual Sales Compensation Questionnaire which is completed by companies; plus extensive field and telephone interviews are utilized for both collection and validation of data. Report output is aggregated to protect confidentiality of the data, directly or indirectly.

In order to make valid peer comparisons, this report divides Mutual Fund Companies into two peer groups — 1st Tier Group and 2nd Tier Group Companies. Companies are categorized as top-performing or average-performing based upon sales production per Wholesaler.

GROUPINGS: Data is segmented by:

  • Product — All Products and Channels, Single-Product, Multi-Product, Single-Channel, and Multi-Channel;
  • Distribution — Banks, Consultants, Insurance, Planners/Independents, and Wire Houses;
  • Sales Force Size — <30, 31-65, 66-99, 100-149, and >150 (includes Internal and External Wholesalers, Divisional and National Sales Managers, plus Channel Managers);
  • Territory — >6 States, >3-6 States, >1-3 States and <=1 State; and,
  • Sales Manager Levels — National and Divisional.


1st Tier Group Companies: Those companies for which mutual fund assets exceed $60.0 Billion.

2nd Tier Group Companies: Those companies for which mutual fund assets are $60.0 Billion or less.

Top Companies: The top 5 companies in each of the tier groups with the highest sales production per sales person. Note: the makeup of the Top 5 companies in each tier group remains constant throughout the report.

Average Companies: Average tier group benchmarks are averages of all companies in the tier group sample including the Top 5.

All Products and Channels: Aggregate of Sales Forces responsible for selling single or multiple products in single or multiple channels.

Single-Product: Sales Force responsible for single product sales (e.g., Annuities only).

Multi-Product: Sales Force responsible for multiple product sales (e.g., Annuities and Mutual Funds, but not Annuities only).

Single-Channel: Sales Force sells to single distribution channel audience (e.g., Banks or Planners/Independents, but not both).

Multi-Channel: Sales Force sells to multiple distribution channel audiences (e.g., Banks and Planners/Independents, but not Banks only).

Spans of Control:

  • Inside Sales per Wholesaler — The average number Inside Sales assigned to a single Wholesaler.
  • Channel Managers per Distribution Audience — The average number of Channel Managers assigned to a single Distribution Channel.
  • Wholesalers per Sales Manager — The average number of Wholesalers reporting to a single Sales Manager.

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